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Proven Benefits

Discover the Advantages of Attending Bajra's Workshop

Our workshop offers a gateway to a multitude of invaluable advantages as you embark on your quest for professional growth and personal enrichment.

Financial Aid available for candidates with demonstrable needs!

Career Growth
Discover new knowledge and skills through hands-on research, presentation, and documentation projects.
Showcase your work and receive constructive feedback from experts in the field.                                                
Gain valuable real-world experience by shadowing senior professionals and learning from their insights.
Receive personalized career guidance and support from our dedicated counselors.                          
Professional Skills
Develop your professional competencies and confidence in a supportive and stimulating environment
Placement Opportunities
Explore the opportunity to join Bajra, a leading company in the industry, and advance your career .                  
Earn a certificate of completion and recognition for your achievements

Looking for more personalized interaction?

Reach out to our outreach specialist for an immersive discussion.

Rakshya Koirala

Talent Acquisition and Outreach Specialist
Rakshya Koirala believes in "Sculpting Success with Every Stroke: Where Passion Meets Purpose."  Always curious and eager to learn new things in the fast-changing IT world, she excels in communication, bridging the gap between technology and its users.