Work experience is just the icing on top of the cake, what we are really looking for is the drive to learn and grow with us.

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We are always looking for good people to work with us. We care less about your experience, more about your ability to learn, and your grasp of fundamental concepts. We are an innovative team and help each other grow in a collaborative atmosphere.            

Here at Bajra, we value having a friendly and collaborative working environment while taking our work very seriously. Everyone's work and input are judged solely on merit, with seniority carrying little weight. We encourage you to innovate and take risks. Everyone is accessible, so go ahead, ask for help when you are stuck, and reciprocate when needed. Everyone's work is regularly critiqued to ensure our products meet Bajra's high standards while helping you learn and grow. At Bajra, we are one team.

Any experience that shows you are a self-motivated problem solver and can get things done. If you've organized a picnic with your friends, it shows us you take initiative. Put these kinds of things on your resume as well. Just mention them in an "Other things I've done" listing at the bottom. Even if you were the captain of the basketball team. There is no need to go into detail; we'll ask about those when you come in for an interview.

Please note that our environment does not provide handholding. We believe in promoting creativity and learning through your efforts with the necessary aid from our senior people. Please apply via the form below if you feel you would benefit from going through this program.

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We’re always looking for high-performing and energetic individuals. If you are the one, please submit your resume.