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TRWE (Tempo Report Writer Enhanced) is a cross-platform document reader application for the latest hardware devices TV220E and CS90 owned by Tempo Communications, Inc.
TRWE is distributed as a cross-platform application for Windows, Android, and IOS platforms. 
Windows Application
The application is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. Windows app was built using Xamarin forms. The application is distributed via Microsoft Store or can be used by sideloading the application. The application uses the Microsoft .Net Core UWP libraries at its center and other libraries such as Prism for essential features. Skiasharp is used to plot and visualize graphs in the application.
Android Application
TRWE android app is a mobile application distributed via Playstore. The app is built on Xamarin forms. Since the code base used for the application is the same for all the platforms, the libraries used are also similar. Apart from the few platform-specific libraries such as AndroidX and other essential libraries, everything is based on the Xamarin forms singular code base.

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