YouSpin is a virtual DJ Software. It can be used in venues that would like to be able to play music according to audience demand. At the heart of this project is a concept that allows people to select and vote for a song and the software automatically tallies up the votes from that venue to play songs in the order based on a number of votes. Users can also send messages to a publicly viewable dashboard, serving as a sharing platform.
Within the Web Application, admin users can log in to manage songs, users, and businesses. Business owners can log in to gain access to their Web Player, which streams songs from the Web Server and they can show advertisements on their dashboard.
YouSpin has iOS and Android applications with which visitors at a venue can interact with. They are used to vote for songs or to send messages to other users at the same venue or event. Users can also send public messages which are displayed on the music player for everyone to see.
The iOS and Android applications were both developed using React Native due to its support for cross-platform capability. 
The Web Application was built using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on a DigitalOcean server.  
The Web Player was created using AngularJS and HTML5 Audio.

Tools Used

Ruby on Rails
React Native

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