TicketBuilder is a web-to-print tool created for a company called WWL Inc. Users can start to creating their custom ticket or sticker by selecting from the templates. Through a setup wizard, they can then customize the images and text present on the template to create their design. This tool allows users to upload data from a .csv file or create data online for multiple scenarios. Once a design is submitted and payment is verified, the web application creates a PDF of the Ticket Strip in the exact dimensions required by the printing machine at WWL Inc.
The front-end design was made using HTML, Bootstrap 3, SnapSVG, and JavaScript. The backend has two parts i.e., Rails as the Web Server and a Resque service for handling background tasks like creating the PDFs to be printed. Ghostscript was used to draw the sticker/ticket strip to a ready-to-print as a PDF.
The tool was built with the ability to add more SVG templates with ease so that the client could expand their template selection.
The application is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance. 

Tools Used

Ruby on Rails

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