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SIS Architecture integrates multiple SmarterX products which work together individually to create a unified system. It should be understood that an important synergy occurs when a Retailer has a RetailSiS at the Back of the Store, and US Ecology has a TruckSiS in the back of their hauling vehicle. In this case, the Retailer has already properly sorted their regulated products before the hauler’s arrival, and the hauler knows exactly what, and how much, product they are to pick up. Not only is the duration of the hauler’s pickup stop made significantly shorter, but they can optimize their routes across several Retailers by drawing on the data from the RetailSiS.

The system comprises TruckSIS, MobileSIS, and RetailSIS, each built with specific technologies such as Ruby, Sinatra, Vue, Ionic, Python, Bash Scripting, ZPL, Postgres, and Firebase. These services are connected to SmarterSorting Cloud for periodic sync management. Additionally, there are corresponding cloud platforms for TruckSIS and RetailSIS, built with Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Mongo, RabbitMQ, and supporting interfaces for support users and workers, respectively. Each service is equipped with firewalls, VPNs, and tools for remote access.

Tools Used

Ruby on Rails
Vue JS

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