PaddleYou was created for Table Tennis Nation. It is a tool that helps expedite how people interact with the custom ping-pong paddle creation service for Table Tennis Nation. Previously, it required a designer to take the pictures from the users and get them ready for print. replaces the old process. It allows users to go to the website, upload images directly from their computers/phones or social networks, and create a paddle they like before submitting it for print. The end product of the website is a design for the user to see and a ready-to-print image for table tennis nation. 


The website was built on top of WordPress, while the paddle designer was created using KineticJS and HTML5 Canvas. To make the final designs for the paddle, PHP-GD was used. 

Custom WordPress Plug-Ins were created so that the client could easily manage the orders, gallery, and promo codes.

Tools Used


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