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Nfluence is a one-stop shop for influencer marketing, offering a simple and efficient way for brands to find and connect with influencers. Nfluence offers comprehensive statistics, unique valuation metrics, and an escrow system that ensures brands get what they pay for. With its intuitive and secure interface, Nfluence provides a fair and transparent partnership for influencers and brands alike.

Signing up for Nfluence is incredibly easy and takes just a few minutes. Once you're in, you'll be able to create a detailed profile highlighting your interests and reach, allowing brands to find you with ease. Nfluence offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can view all your campaigns and communicate with brands seamlessly.

Nfluence supports both web and mobile access. We built the front-end web platform using Angular, whereas the back-end relies on NodeJS. The mobile application supports both Android and iOS and is built using React Native. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used to host the web application.

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