DataScout Ethernet


This is a software built to manage a hardware device called the Ethernet Packet Analyzer (EPA). EPAs are devices that support various test standards for fiber and copper lines. Each EPA has a GUI Board and an Ethernet Board. The GUI Board runs Android OS and coordinates with the Ethernet Board to execute tests defined by the user. EPAs can support running RFC-2544, Multi-Stream, and Y-1564 diagnostic tests. Users can set up various parameters for the tests, such as frame configuration with IP, VLAN, and MPLS headers. These headers are passed on to the Ethernet Board, which performs tests based on provided configuration and returns results. Test results are converted to reports by the software, which can be saved and viewed by the user. Reports can also be exported as .csv or .pdf formats to an SD card.


The Android application was created using Xamarin Android. Xamarin was selected because there are plans to develop a hardware unit with Bluetooth support followed by an iOS application. The communication layer was kept in PCL. So, it could later be used by the iOS application.

Tools Used


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