Database Apprenticeship

Kathmandu, Nepal

We’re looking for a dynamic individual with a demonstrated track record of building and managing efficient teams within the technology sector. We are interested in folks that are capable of creating and following proper HR procedures to ensure employee satisfaction and overall company and staff welfare.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist with Query Optimization for Live Projects.
  • Performance Tuning and Regular Maintenance of Databases.
  • Maintain NoSQL Databases (document driven, key-value, or graph).
  • Debug and analyze SQL Queries for optimizing Database Performance.
  • Create and maintain ETL Pipelines.
  • Work on Apache Big Data Architecture.
  • Improving the quality of one's work.
  • Learning to set and meet expectations.

Job Structure

  • Reports To: Senior Management
  • Work Schedule: 40hrs/week, Monday-Friday
  • Compensation: Salary and Incentives, Negotiable

Preferred Qualifications

  • Good understanding of RDBMS & SQL.
  • Familiarity with any one of the programming languages.
  • Knowledge of Database Schema Design.
  • Database design and development using MySQL, PostgreSQL, or other databases.
  • Good leadership skills with self-learning capabilities.
  • Good written & verbal communication skills.
  • Constant drive for learning and improving yourself.
  • Professional presence is required.

About Bajra

Founded in 2011, Bajra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading technology firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. At Bajra, we believe in bringing together great minds to solve interesting challenges through the use of the tools and innovations available in the market. We value personal and professional growth for all our employees and strive to create a meaningful work environment that is both challenging and rewarding.

Our Values

We believe in doing things to the best of our abilities and not letting any obstacles throw us off from the ultimate goal. Additionally, we value the importance of professional development to provide all the exposure, resources and training that are necessary for getting us closer to becoming the best at our jobs.

Work-Life Balance

We understand that a high-pace work environment can create many stresses and we work actively to maintain required balance between our employees’ personal and professional lives through group activities and other company-wide endeavors.

Compensation and Benefits

We provide market-leading compensation to our talented employees along with some of the best perks and other benefits to ensure that every Bajra employee can feel proud of being part of this esteemed group of problem solvers

What's great in the job?

  • Great team of smart people, in a friendly and open culture
  • Working hours from Monday to Friday only
  • Health and Medical Insurance Provided
  • Lunch and snacks provided during office time
  • Other fringe benefits

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20 February, 2024